Healthy Horse Plus® Quantum

Healthy Horse Plus ®Quantum is the future of the body’s self repair support.
By generating and transmitting unique sinusoidal frequency patterns, a gentle cell stimulation is set in motion, which leads to overall regulation and harmonization throughout the body.

This high-tech function strengthens the immune system and enables optimal self-repair-function.

This body harmonization is 100% compatible with all living beings and does not work with strong magnetic impulses. 

Healthy Horse Plus ®Quantum is the highest level of technology, it helps stimulating the body cells and also has the benefit of acupuncture meridian. 
They’re like a maintenance conduit for the nervous system. In particular, because the device is placed over the back of the horse like a saddle towel it happens stimulate the bladder meridians. 
This is one of the most important meridians in the horse. 
It travels from the eye, on either side of the spine over the gluteus down the back of the hind leg and ends at the coronet band. 
The first 30 minute treatment with Healthy Horse Plus ®Quantum is the most important treatment, and should be used regularly as long as needed for horses with issues related to the spine. Especially muscular skeletal problems or inflammations, like myositis (tie-up) or back pain. 
It also benefits the lungs, heart and stomach function and wellness as it promotes blood flow and cell metabolism. 
A sound horse will benefit from the treatments pre-and post exercise especially pre-race. 

Some more of the benefits are:
• Relaxes the muscles • Increases energy • Relieves pain • Increase a positive mood • The Mind is more alert and focused • The body get’s stronger with every treatment. • Supports the repairs of all body issues. • Strengthens the immune system

During this energetic treatment, the local electro- smog is automatically suppressed.