Healthy Dog Plus™ Quantum

Healthy Dog Plus®Quantum is the future of the body’s self repair.

It is tuned to the body’s own cell vibration and the only device available which connects automatically with the body’s own frequency.

There are no adjustments or changes to different settings needed (like other devices).

By generating and transmitting unique sinusoidal frequency patterns, a gentle cell stimulation is set in motion, which leads to over all regulation and harmonization throughout the body; especially in the area of the body where it is

most needed to support and enables optimal self repair mechanism or function.

Healthy Dog Plus®Quantum helps the body to increase and optimize its own frequency.

This body harmonization is 100% compatible with all living beings, and does not work with strong, magnetic impulse. It brings the body in a relaxed stage, where the body resumes its own recovery and healing powers, to work most effectively to clear the cause of any discomfort.

Healthy Dog Plus®Quantum is the highest level of technology and custom-made for you in Switzerland and Germany, with highest quality standard to enable easy handling.

It is designed as a small mat, which can be used to lay on or place on the back of your pet. With a light, easy to clean material. It allows to experience the highest level of comfort.

The treatment starts with just a simple push on the “On” button and it shuts off after 30 minutes of treatment.

The electronic device is operated by 2 AA batteries without need to be plugged in an outlet. Regular 2 AA batteries can last 1 to 2 years before needing replacement.

During this energetic treatment, the local electro-smog is automatically suppressed.

Healthy Dog PlusTM Quantum is the highest level of technology, it helps stimulating the body cells and also has the benefit of acupuncture meridian. They’re like a maintenance conduit for the nervous system.

Some of the benefits of Healthy Dog PlusTM Quantum are: • Relaxes the muscles • Positive energy • Relieves pain •Increaseapositivemood •TheMindismorealertandfocused •The body gets stronger with every treatment• Supports the repairs of all body issues • Strengthens the immune system

• During this energetic treatment, the local electro-smog is automatically suppressed.

HealthyDogPlus Quantum works for all animals