I absolutely love the Quantum..

I absolutely love the Quantum and how it makes my body feel. The quick 30-minute session was so relaxing, and I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards. I have more energy than I’ve had in years after only 2 sessions. And the best part is that it’s improved my sleep tremendously. I would highly recommend the Quantum […]

Healthy Dog Plus saved our lab

Our 14 year old lab was having GI inflammation. She was not doing well at all, diarrhea, vomiting, not eating. She would get a bit better with antibiotics and anti nausea meds but the symptoms would resume quickly. We though she might die.Our pet sitter suggested a change in food and adding Healthy Dog Plus […]

I’m so grateful for your product.. *****

My dog Lu is a 15 year old Schnauzer who is in her last years. She suffered from vomiting daily due to her chronic illness. After she was on the Healthy Dog Plus for a week or so she stopped vomiting all together and now is able to keep her weight on target and has […]

We couldn’t be more thankful*****

We couldn’t be more thankful to find this product. Our 13-year-old Lab is dealing with hip issues, but is otherwise healthy. This power shot has given him a boost of energy and he is walking better. We are a repeat customer and are so thankful to see our sweet boy with more energy. We are […]

Keep her as healthy as possible!

Meet Nala! My one year and three month German Shepherd who is the most fun dog to have. Thank you for making products (HealthyDogPlus Probiotics with Vitamin B Complex), that keep her as healthy as possible!  Alyssa K. 03/24/2022

This product is really helping my dog

My 14 years old Lab-Mix had the last 6 month quite a few health condition, like eye infection, diarrhea, dry skin itching. The vet could stop the diarrhea immediately, but the other symptoms stayed. My Girlfriend told me about the amazing healing results of probiotics with animals and human being. So supernaturally I got in […]

There is no doubt he has more of a bounce in his step.

Since I began using the Healthy Dog Plus Joints product with meals for my 11 year old Labrador, there is no doubt he has more of a bounce in his step. I would recommend using this product to anyone who wants to ensure their dog is comfortable, and his joints remain flexible and healthy as […]

This is an excellent product*****

Our Beagle, Buddy, was suffering from frequent diarrhea and upset stomach. He would not eat and was lethargic during these episodes. Our trainer suggested Healthy Dog Plus Probiotics and he hasn’t had another episode since. We have been giving it to him for over a year and he is doing great! When we got a […]

I recommend this product because I use it every day

I have a 6 year old Lab mix that was diagnosed with Inflammatory Boewl Disease as a puppy.  It has been a long struggle trying to control his symptoms, includn’t loose stools, vomiting, gas, & occasional loss of appetite, For the first 2 years, he couldn’t put any weight because he was constantly sick. Our […]