Healthy Dog Plus™ Original feeding directions

Shake well and press bottle. For maintenance of mature dogs, fill measuring cup to 15ml (see chart below) per 60lbs (27kg) of body weight. Healthy Dog Plus™ is applied together with the normal feed ration. or orally diluted with water in a syringe.  HDPBot_web

Body weight of dogHealthy Dog Plus™ amount
Up to 15 lbs
20-30 lbs
35-50 lbs
55-70 lbs
3 ml
5 ml
10 ml
15 ml
0.10 fl oz
0.14 fl oz
0.34 fl oz
0.51 fl oz



Use daily for 20 days then stop for 5 days and continue the same procedure. Champion horses take Healthy Dog Plus™ twice before competition day.

Healthy Dog Plus™ can benefit your dog when they experience the following conditions:

  • Issues with the stomach or immune system
  • Skin disease
  • Weight problems
  • Less or low energy

For middle size dogs use a loading dose for 40 days of 5ml a.m. & 5ml p.m. Continue the same if needed or cut down to 5ml once a day.

Maintenance dose

As a maintenance dose or to keep Healthy Dog Plus™ in the system, use 4-5 times a week 5ml once a day.

Before a strong exercise use Healthy Dog Plus™ only 5 to 10 days before and until the competition, 5ml a.m. & 5ml p.m.

Wounds and fungus

Use topically on cuts, open wounds and infections or coat fungus.