Benefits of Healthy Dog Plus™ Original

Give your dog the Healthy Plus advantage

A strong immune system is the best defense against disease.

Healthy Dog Plus™ gives your dog a better quality of life. Make Healthy Dog Plus™ a part of your first line of defense to optimize your dog’s health.

How does it work?

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  • It is a natural antibiotic
    It activates and strangthens the immune system and optimizes metabolism, naturally. It gives your dog a happy live.
  • Provides a Defense Against Viruses, Parasites, Bacteria, Worms and Fungus
    Today’s environment can bring many problems in the health and well being of your dog. Healthy Dog Plus™ provides the best natural, organic products to protect your dog 24 hours a day, seven days a week, helping to eliminate parasites and bacteria and, in doing so, it will assist you in bringing and maintaining health and fitness to your pet.
  • Optimizes the metabolism
  • Supports the Liver, Stomach and Intestine
    The ingredients of the German made formula in Healthy Dog Plus™are able to penetrate deep into the digestive system of your dog and assist in maintaining a healthy environment for food digestion. Healthy Dog Plus is especially beneficial for older dogs by strengthening the stomach and digestive system or dogs that are experiencing stress and weight loss.  Healthy Dog Plus™cleanses the system and enables your dog to put on weight by stimulating their appetite. Optimum results are possible with regular use.
  • Supports the Cardiovascular System
  • Strengthens Motivation
    The power of the natural ingredients in Healthy Dog Plus™ will impart in your pet a positive attitude and happy disposition. It assists in creating balance in your dog, especially in situations that can create stress such as before and during competition, health issues and changes to lifestyle.
  • Helps to Build Energy
    Healthy Dog Plus™ builds up energy reserves and supports the dog’s locomotor system.  Healthy Dog Plus™ helps your dog to feel energized when it is in competition and helps optimize a dog’s speed, strength and endurance. For dogs with lower energy it acts as a support to the dog’s natural drive.
  • Optimizes Speed, Strength and Endurance
  • Shortens Recovery Times
    Healthy Dog Plus™ also enables shorter recovery time after competition or when your dog is recovering from an ailment. Healthy Dog Plus™ helps to get your pet back in better health — quicker.
  • Creates Shinier Coat and Eyes
    Healthy Dog Plus™ starts on the inside of the dog and works its way across the digestive system and through the blood to the whole outside of the body. You will love to look at your dog with the bright eyes and a wonderful shiny coat. Healthy Dog Plus has been found to be especially effective for dog that experience problems with fungus or skin disease.
  • Supports Healthier Nails
    Because Healthy Dog Plus™ works from the inside out, you will notice how healthy the nails of your dog can be.
  • Healthier Breeding
    Healthy Dog Plus™ will help you be proactive in supporting your dog during the very sensitive time of pregnancy and birth.  Healthy Dog Plus™ can benefit mother and pup with a healthy head start.