The Method of Solubilizing

The creation of micelles (transport agents for lipoid agents with a diameter of 1-300nm) has been known for over thirty years. Actually, the body is able to “solubilize” or “micellise” and does so (e.g. when digesting butter). Due to the fact that a micelle solution is usually a very fine oil-in-water system (O/W), it will fall apart when the water portion is too high.

For the first time, we can now go below this limit, which is applicable to all emulsion systems. In practice, this means that micelles produced this way can be diluted with water, without their emulsifiers being washed off the fat droplets’ surface. Because otherwise water and fat would come into direct contact with each other, resulting in the emulsion’s separation. Thanks to this advanced technology, Propolis can be passed through membranes (mucosa) quickly and completely.

solubilizing process