Healthy Horse Plus® Probiotics with Vitamin B Complex

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60cc Tube with up to 12 Feedings, for Gastrointestinal Health.

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8 reviews for Healthy Horse Plus® Probiotics with Vitamin B Complex

  1. Anna

    I’m using it for my French bulldog and I can’t have more positive review! She had so many health issues. From skin disease to kidney infections. Always struggling with itchiness and no energy. I’ve been using it for past 2weeks and the improvement is unbelievable! My vet from track saved me money for vets and my bulldog is finally enjoying her life … love it love it love it

  2. Manny

    I’m always looking for something that I can see the results and have yet to find it. A lot of products make claims of how good their products are and how you will see the change in your horses. My mare has always had stomach issues her poop is hard and not the way it should look I’ve tried everything that claims to fix the problem and nothing has really made a difference. I started using Healthy Horse Plus Probiotics and within a couple of days I saw the results, her poop looks the way it should she has more poop than before and her appetite seems to be there like it wasn’t before. I know is only been a week but I can see the results. Thank you so much for such a great product.

  3. Laura Cazares

    Love this probiotic! Have tried others in the past but it takes so much to even see that it’s working. This paste delivers alot of good guys and fast. It tastes good and I love that it has the B complex in it to help it absorb and it itself helps fight bad bacteria. An all around amazing paste. Give it as a prevention even. Not just when your horse is having a problem. I am overall very impressed with the products this company has provided me with so far. Looking forward to more.

  4. Angel Penna, Trainer

    I used Helthy Horse Plus Probiotics since it came on the market and I see a big difference in the horses. The energy, coat and appetite is much better.I highly recumend this product.

  5. Joe Zerilli DVM

    I think this is the best probiotic I’ve used thus far in more than 30yrs. The cultures in Healthy Horse Plus Probiotics appear to be very effective for all indications of immune suppression and poor gut flora, especially helpful for diarrhea and colitis when given immediately upon onset. It may cost a little more but were not treating cattle here. The only probiotic I need to carry. Patricias knowledge of science and nutrition reassured me to try this new product and I was comfortable with the research and quality control.

  6. Julie

    We have been using Healthy Horse Plus Probiotics for over a year on our hunters and have seen a dramatic changes in their coat, overall health and attitude. Thank you Patricia for having a product that works and is economical.

  7. Martine Rodgers DVM

    Healthy Horse Plus Probiotics with Vitamine B complex is a great product I recommend it to all of my clients as maintenance and especially for horses with digestive issues. It is encapsulated so it survives the stomach and it has 25 times the CFU’s than other competitors brands.

  8. Charles Simon

    I have used this product for more than 2 years and have to say that it’s the best probiotic that I have used. The results start to show within a week of regular use and my horses have never looked or raced better!!! I would highly recommend this product!

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