Healthy Horse Plus® Original feeding directions

For maintenance of mature horses, fill measuring cup to 25ml (see chart below) per 1000lbs (454kg) of body weight. Healthy Horse Plus®  is applied together with the normal feed ration or orally deluted with water in syringe.                                                                               HHP_NewBotLabXXSm

Body weight of horseHealthy Horse Plus® amount
Up to 750
1000 lbs
1250 lbs
1500 lbs
20 ml
25 ml
30 ml
35 ml
0.68 fl oz
0.85 fl oz
1.01 fl oz
1.18 fl oz



Use daily for 20 days then stop for 5 days and continue the same procedure. Champion horses take Healthy Horse Plus®  twice before competition day.

Healthy Horse Plus® can benefit your horse when they experience the following conditions:

  • Issues with the stomach or immune system
  • Skin disease
  • Weight problems
  • Less or low energy

Use a loading dose for 40 days of 20ml a.m. & 20ml p.m. Continue the same if needed or cut down to 20ml once a day.

Maintenance dose

As a maintenance dose or to keep Healthy Horse Plus®  in the system, use 4-5 times a week 20ml once a day.

Before a strong exercise use Healthy Horse Plus®  only 5 to 10 days before and until the competition, 20ml am & 20ml pm.

Wounds and fungus

Use topically on cuts, open wounds and infections or coat fungus.