I recommend this product because I use it every day


Cathy Mutnick, Certified Trainer

I have a 6 year old Lab mix that was diagnosed with Inflammatory Boewl Disease as a puppy.  It has been a long struggle trying to control his symptoms, includn’t loose stools, vomiting, gas, & occasional loss of appetite, For the first 2 years, he couldn’t put any weight because he was constantly sick. Our veterinary specialist said it is important to keep him on a limited-ingredient diet, as well as add extra fiber and antibiotic to his food twice a day. We were told he will be on this regimen for the rest of his life. Several veterinarians since then have suggested probiotics, but I never noticed any difference in his health. When I learned about Healthy Dog Plus Probiotics with Vitamin B Complex, I was eager to see if it could help stabilize his health. I’ve been giving him the formula since late April, 2015 and he’s eating every meal, has less gas, normel stools and no vormiting. This is such an easy and affordable solution, that I’am now teling my dog training clients about it.  Cathy Mutnick, Certified Professional Trainer Owner, Cathy’s K9 Kids, LLC