This product is incredible

manzur polla y estreno

Hi Patricia: I use your product Healthy Horse Plus in my country Ecuador and my horse Manzur Manzur win the first and second Ecuadorian triple crown. I send you the photo for the first two triple crown. the last triple crown he run the 25th sept. they call El derby Nacional. This product is incredible. […]

I used it on myself


Healthy Horse Plus works so great on my horses that I used it on myself. After 10 days il noticed a huge difference on my skin and my energy level had improved. Jessica Campitelli, Thoroughbred trainer.

Won 4 races and 4 seconds in 2009

Schnell, Malibu Pospect

I used Healthy Horse Plus on Malibu Prospect in 2009 and he responded well. He felt good, stayed sound and healthy, and won 4 races and 4 seconds in 2009. I would recommend Healthy Horse Plus for any equine athlete. Don Schnell, Race Horse Trainer, 35 Yrs. experience.