Powerful and cost effective solution

Jerry Kane

Jerry Kane

Dear Patricia.

I wanted to send you a note about the success of your product HealthyHorse Plus with my thoroughbreds. Since I began the cycle I have noticed increased energy, better appetite, and their physical appearance is outstanding.

Jude (Judith’s Symphony) is a retired thoroughbred racehorse (7 years old) and he showed immediate improvement and earlier than the other horse – I think because he has a great appetite and takes in the Healthy Horse Plus completely. His energy level is so noticeable that I am truly truly considering his “un-retirement”.

My horses in active training are taking your product and it will continue to be a part of our regulary nutrition & supplement program.

Thanks again for introducing a powerful and cost effective solution to our thoroughbred’s nutritional needs and well-being.

Best regards

Jerry Kane

Gypsy Hill Farm, PA