Healthy Dog Plus™ Probiotics with Vitamin B Complex

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60cc Tube with up to 60 Feedings, for Gastrointestinal Health.

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4 reviews for Healthy Dog Plus™ Probiotics with Vitamin B Complex

  1. Dr. Mark Ingram

    Our holistic veterinary clinic recently started carrying Healthy Dog/Cat Plus Probiotics. Using applied kinesiology we’ve been testing it on our four-legged patients and comparing it with other brands which are top rated and have always done well for us. We are finding that the vast majority (95% +) are choosing Healthy Dog & Cat Plus as the probiotic which is best for their needs. We are very impressed with the consistency of our patients’ choices. We mainly treat cancer, allergies, kidney disease, and I.B.D. It is well known that the vast majority of our immune system is located and dependent upon our gut health…therefore reestablishing gut health is of primary importance to us. Patricia’s product is becoming an important part of our treatment regimen.

  2. Anka

    My 14 years old Lab-Mix had the last 6 month quite a few health condition, like eye infection, diarrhea, dry skin itching. The vet could stop the diarrhea immediately, but the other symptoms stayed. My Girlfriend told me about the amazing healing results of probiotics with animals and human being. So supernaturally I got in contact with Healthy Dog Plus™ Probiotics with Vitamin B Complex. I gave it to my dog, after 6h her eye was completely healed and her energy has increased. Her fur looks so shiny and she stopped eating grass and dirt for her stomach.
    AFTER 1 DAY of using Healthy Dog Plus Probiotics!!!
    I am so exciting about the make over in the other areas.
    This product is really helping my dog and recommend it highly.

  3. Frank (verified owner)

    I forgot to add a rating with my previous review. I am adding it now. By the way, Buddy and Precious are doing great and I attribute that, in part, to Healthy Dog Plus Probiotics.

  4. Frank (verified owner)

    Our Beagle, Buddy, was suffering from frequent diarrhea and upset stomach. He would not eat and was lethargic during these episodes. Our trainer suggested Healthy Dog Probiotics and he hasn’t had another episode since. We have been giving it to him for over a year and he is doing great! When we got a second dog in the fall we started her on it too and she has had no digestive issues. This is an excellent product and I heartily recommend it to everyone!

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