Healthy Dog Plus™ Power Shot

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2 reviews for Healthy Dog Plus™ Power Shot

  1. Kristen Cortese

    My dog Lu is a 15 year old Schnauzer who is in her last years. She suffered from vomiting daily due to her chronic illness. After she was on the Healthy Dog Plus for a week or so she stopped vomiting all together and now is able to keep her weight on target and has regained her pep. I’m so grateful for your product as it really made a huge difference in my dog.

  2. Alex Reedy (verified owner)

    We couldn’t be more thankful to find this product. Our 13-year-old Lab is dealing with hip issues, but is otherwise healthy. This power shot has given him a boost of energy and he is walking better. We are a repeat customer and are so thankful to see our sweet boy with more energy. We are thankful for every day we have with him.

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