Healthy Horse Plus® Breathing

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500ml Bottle, to Minimise Mucus, Absorbe more Oxygen and helps to Prevent Bleeding.

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5 reviews for Healthy Horse Plus® Breathing

  1. Henry Collazo

    Great product fantastic results I had a horse run at Gulfstream last week that was on the product Healthy Horse Plus Breathing, hadn’t run 99 days and was a bad bleeder out of 107 horses entered none of the two year olds had Lasix and my horse was the only horse running that day that had no Lasix and won going away!

  2. Jody Veitch

    My horse was scoped after a race in December at Gulfstream Park and diagnosed a heavy bleeder. I do not use lasix on my horses so I started using Healthy Horse Plus Breathig a month ago on him. After the race on April 16th, I had the same vet scope him again. There was no bleeding at all and the vet was astonished. He said ” whatever you’re doing with this horse, keep on doing it”. This product really works and I highly recommend it. I put the 3 horses I currently have racing on it and also noticed that it helped my filly with her sweating problem. She sweats much better now. I can’t say enough good things about this. Try it and you’ll see results for yourself. Jody Veitch, Ocala FL

  3. Laura Cazares

    Love it! Great results in very little time. By far the best bleeder formula I’ve come across. Love that it tastes good and comes in liquid form. I still cannot get over the results. I switched from another product that was not working and it tastes terrible and very dry. Within 4 days of using “Healthy Horse Plus Breathing” I noticed a difference and the overall health of the horse had improved during performance. Highly recommend this product. It works.

  4. Ramon Minguet

    excellent product helps a lot against bleeding

  5. Maggie

    I’m a groom and I notice, that a horse that I’m taking care of had breathing problems. Shortly after giving Healthy Horse Plus Breathing, the horses preformance was top notch again. I can higherly recommend Healthy Horse Plus Breathing.

    Maggie, Wellington FL

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